Another Fun Year With Children’s Workshops

Valley Ace Hardware extends a special thanks to all of the families that participated in our Children’s Workshops in 2022, and also to our staff of “Teachers”. We had three fun and educational events this summer:

On June 11th, in conjunction with the Family Fun Day hosted by the Custer County Kids Council, we explored Astronomy, focusing specifically on Constellations, Phases of the Moon, and Planets. We had lots of hands-on activities and visual aids that helped us interact and communicate with the kids.

On July 9th, we studied birds; their diets, nest types, and how their physical characteristics affect their life activities. The kids got to dream up their ideal specimen and build it with various foam and felt pieces, and even some real feathers.

August 13th was all about electricity. The kids learned how to power a light with a potato, had fun with static electricity, and lit up LED’s using just pennies and washers.

These events aren’t just fun and educational for the kids, but the Valley Ace Hardware staff has a great time planning and participating in these events. Helping our children grow and develop is a paramount responsibility, and the Valley Ace Hardware staff is honored that the parents in our community trust us to share and interact with their children.