(Before digging, locate and avoid all water, electrical, gas and other service lines.)

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Trencher Review:

Safety Operations for Trenchers – from the NASD

  • Use care when mounting riding trenchers. Be sure your hands and shoes are clean and dry. Use the handrails, not control levers, to guide yourself.
  • Fasten the seat belt and adjust the seat to a comfortable position.
  • Warn others away from the machine and work area especially children and pets.
  • Be sure the transmission and other controls are in the neutral position. Set the brakes on all models.
  • Start the engine and test all controls.
  • Lower the trencher boom within a few inches of the soil.
  • Engage the chain at slow speed. Be sure you can control the trencher as the chain can jerk the machine quickly.
  • Operate riding trenchers only from the seat. Keep hands and feet clear of chain and augers on walk-behind models.
  • Use caution when operating on slopes as the machine will want to work down the slope.
  • Never make sharp turns while digging.
  • Never adjust or attempt to free a jammed chain while it is running. Always stop the machine and engine first.
  • Trenchers are one person machines — never allow any riders.
  • When raising the boom you should disengage the chain just as it clears the trench.
  • Follow these steps when shutting the machine down for any length of time:
  • Lower the trenching boom and attachments to the ground.
  • Set the parking brake or block the wheels.
  • Put the transmission in park or neutral.
  • Stop the engine.
  • Cycle the hydraulic controls to relieve any pressure.
  • Remove the ignition key.
  • Dismount carefully using steps and handholds.

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