Vali Assisted Living Community Project

Vali Assisted Living, nestled in the stunning town of Westcliffe, CO, is a special place for the community. The Senior Home boasts a prime location right on Main Street, with breathtaking views of the majestic Sangre De Cristo mountains that will leave you in awe.

When our team at Valley Ace Hardware heard about this need, we were up for the task. We reached out to Scotts and Benjamin Moore to see if they would help with supplies and they were delighted to participate in this project too! 

The pavilion is not only a place where the residents can enjoy their morning coffee, but it is where they can entertain their friends and family. Additionally, the raised garden beds will be used to grow produce for their kitchen! Gardening is a task that many people, especially as they grow older, find enjoyable and rewarding. For residents to see, smell, feel, taste, and share the reaping of this garden will hopefully bring them great joy and peace. 

On April 30th, we grabbed some homemade cookies that Sarah’s daughter made, turned on some tunes, and went on a 4-block road trip. Once we arrived, we started preparing the garden beds by cleaning and prepping the wood with a sander.

After that, we applied Tudor Brown Benjamin Moore Element Guard Exterior Low Luster Paint to the wood. Then, we filled the beds with Miracle-Gro’s Garden Soil and Potting Mix.

The project required the whole team’s effort, from loading the soil, managing deliveries, to covering for others so they could lend a hand. Tasks like selecting the right paint color and measuring beds were also part of the project that go unseen.

We are grateful to our entire Valley Ace crew for helping make this dream a reality. Special thanks to Scotts and Benjamin Moore for the help with funding the project, and to the volunteers who helped before us.

Finally, thank you, Sherry, for making it all possible!