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Another Fun Year With Children’s Workshops

Valley Ace Hardware extends a special thanks to all of the families that participated in our Children’s Workshops in 2022, and also to our staff of “Teachers”. We had three fun and educational events this summer:

On June 11th, in conjunction with the Family Fun Day hosted by the Custer County Kids Council, we explored Astronomy, focusing specifically on Constellations, Phases of the Moon, and Planets. We had lots of hands-on activities and visual aids that helped us interact and communicate with the kids.

On July 9th, we studied birds; their diets, nest types, and how their physical characteristics affect their life activities.  The kids got to dream up their ideal specimen and build it with various foam and felt pieces, and even some real feathers.

August 13th was all about electricity. The kids learned how to power a light with a potato, had fun with static electricity, and lit up LED’s using just pennies and washers.

These events aren’t just fun and educational for the kids, but the Valley Ace Hardware staff has a great time planning and participating in these events. Helping our children grow and develop is a paramount responsibility, and the Valley Ace Hardware staff is honored that the parents in our community trust us to share and interact with their children.


Wrap up to the 2022 6th Annual Benefit Golf Tournament

Valley Ace Hardware would like to thank all of the sponsors for the 2022 6th Annual Benefit Golf Tournament. It was a wildly successful event this year; everyone had a great time golfing and we raised a whopping $17,000 for the Westcliffe Center for the Performing Arts. We had a lot of sponsors this year, both private and corporate; we appreciate you all.








The mission of the Westcliffe Center for the Performing Arts (WCPA) is to enhance the quality of life for people in the rural towns of Westcliffe, Silver Cliff, Custer County, and surrounding counties through regular cultural events and artistic performances, and to provide activities for children, youths, and families. WCPA goals are to introduce both young people and adults alike to acting, directing, and production in music, dance, and drama and train them through participation. Youth Theater, Creativity Camps, and Summer internships are important elements of the WCPA program.


The WCPA and Valley Ace Hardware offers sincere thanks to everyone who donated, golfed, sponsored, or otherwise supported our 2022 initiative; THANK YOU!

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So, Who Is This Valley Ace Hardware Totem Pole Painter Person?

Well, her name is Molly Parkes, and she visited Westcliffe regularly since the age of 12, frequenting Sky Ranch and Horn Creek. In 2017 she decided to make Westcliffe her home and moved in “for good”.

Sarah Handy, co-owner of Valley Ace Hardware in Westcliffe, Colorado, had been following Molly on Facebook and came up with the idea of commissioning her to paint a Totem Pole, of sorts, on one of the building’s supports. Sarah contacted Molly via Instant Messaging and they worked out a deal to get it done! It turned out wonderfully and added a lot of ‘Cool’ to the store.

Interestingly, Molly only discovered her talent about three years ago, discovering her aptitude quite by accident after the passing of a friend. Despondent, Molly borrowed some supplies from another friend, hoping to paint away the pain of her loss. She painted her Chihuahua – Boston Terrier mix named Chuy, as a joke at first, hoping to capture “that funny ‘worried’ look he gets.” The results impressed her, her friends, and her family. This was the start of a new adventure as she began doing pet portraits for friends and acquaintances. Now an accomplished artist, Molly says that once she accepted her talent and felt comfortable calling herself an artist that “all of her weirdness made sense”. Her friends and family concur, saying that her artistic talent explains a lot! Whatever that means to Molly, we at Valley Ace Hardware are thrilled to have a bit of her weirdness in our store.

While Molly can paint just about anything, she really enjoys painting images of animals in bright colors. In fact, one could say that’s her specialty. Molly has a small gallery at 401 Main St. in Westcliffe, called Molly P Custom Art. Unfortunately, she’s going to have to move soon so keep up with her at:



Valley Ace Hardware Named the 2022 Coolest Hardware Store for the West!

Ace Hardware is the largest retailer owned hardware cooperative in the world, with more than 5,500 locally owned and operated stores in 70 countries. Each year Ace Hardware selects a couple stores to receive their “Coolest Hardware Store” award. “Ace store owners provide shopping experiences that reflect the demands and needs of the communities they serve,” said John Kittell, Vice President of Retail Operations and New Business, Ace Hardware Corporation. “At Ace, differentiation and localization are crucial. We created these awards to recognize that for our owners every year.”

In March 2022, Ace Hardware Corporation announced it was recognizing Valley Ace Hardware in Westcliffe, CO as one of the company’s two 11th Annual “Coolest Hardware Store” award recipients. Valley Ace Hardware has a history reaching back to 1885 in Westcliffe, Colorado. The store currently boasts a 14,000 square foot retail area and a 15,000 square foot covered lumber yard. They also sell doors, windows, roofing, and siding products.

Co-owner Jeremy Handy says “Everything we do here is a display, so customers can see it;  so they can feel it. And if they can enjoy what they are seeing in our store, I hope that they can enjoy it day after day in their home.”

“We’re not just a hardware store. Our vision and mission surrounds the idea of developing the community, developing our staff,” said co-owner Sarah Handy. “The possibilities are endless. And that’s what’s awesome about owning an Ace store. We have the support that we need in order to be successful, but we have the ability to do whatever we want to.”

Valley Ace Hardware is intimately involved in their community, hosting an annual kids’ workshop program, and supporting the local non-profit theater with an annual fund-raising golf tournament. They also work with groups like the Custer County Kids Council to promote healthy, educational, and fun summer activities like “Family Fun Day”, and conduct fund-raising promotions that benefit The Children’s Miracle Network and Colorado Children’s Hospitals.

Check out our announcement video here:



Our Customers Put Their Money Where Their Hearts Are

Valley Ace Hardware’s customers step up each year to support our community and our children by donating funds that enable the Children’s Miracle Network to serve our children and their families. The Children’s Miracle Network is a collection of non-profit hospitals dedicated to caring for children of all ages. They rely heavily on donations to provide the best care for the neediest children because Medicaid and other insurance programs don’t fully cover the cost of care.

A few facts about CMN:

  • 1 in 10 children in North America are treated by a CMN Hospital each year (> 10 million)
  • 62 children enter a CMN Hospital every minute
  • 32 million patient visits are provided for 10 million kids every year by CMN Hospitals

Our local provider is Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHC) in Colorado Springs, CO. CHC has over 3,000 pediatric specialists and more than 5,000 full-time employees to carry out their mission of pediatric excellence. They have been repeatedly recognized by US News and World Report as one of the nation’s most outstanding hospitals. It is known both nationally and internationally, not only for excellence in everyday care for children in the Colorado area, but also for its medical, research, and education programs.

In 2021, CHC served 298,500 Patients with 826,478 Inpatient Cases and 16,208 Outpatient Visits. These numbers include patients from every county in Colorado. 80 of the children treated at CHC in 2021 were from Custer County.

In May of this year, the Rocky Mountain Ace Stores (RMAS) presented a check to the Children’s Hospital Colorado for $746,749.35. Valley Ace’s generous customers contributed $14,467 of that total. From our heart to yours, Thank You!

Click to learn more about: Children’s Hospital Colorado